Department of Energy Pool Pump Mandate

Department of Energy’s “Countdown to Conserve” hits your backyard pool.

In case you have not heard, the standards are changing for your backyard pool equipment whether you want it to or not.

We are here to explain the Department of Energy’s new pool pump mandates that will go into effect this July! By July 19, all Dedicated Purpose Pool Pumps must meet a minimum energy requirement or be subject to certain penalties and fines.

You may already know your pool pump is an energy hog and running it per the manufacturer’s recommendations could cost you big in the heat of the swim season.

In short, if you own a single speed pump, most likely it will not meet the new DOE requirements.

To explain it in detail, all pool pumps now fall into two general categories, large and small. Large in-ground pumps are designated as one horsepower or greater. Small inground pumps are one-half or three-quarter horsepower.  Variable speed pumps fall into the “Large” category and based on today’s technology are the only pumps meeting the minimum performance requirements.

The Department of Energy is calculating the HHP (Hydraulic Horsepower) and the WEF (Weighted Energy Factor) to find the proper balance of function and consumption.

Any pump with less than .711 HHP (performance) will result in lower WEF (energy efficiency). Hydraulic Horsepower is NOT equivalent to the motor horsepower. Lower Hydraulic Horsepower equals less water movement/ circulation, which will cause poor water clarity, more frequent filter cleaning, more demand for chemicals, and a shorter pump lifespan. A higher Weighted Energy Factor, which is measured in gallons per watt-hour, the more efficient the pump.

Government regulators will not come to your backyard and remove single speed pumps, but no parts will be available and single speed whole pumps will be obsolete, basically forcing an upgrade.

Smaller pumps, such as ones dedicated to powering water features, cleaners, or spas should not be affected.

The DOE’s end goal is to conserve energy. The payoff is you will save some money in the long run too!

When you are ready for your new VS pump, we have plenty in stock and ready to go!

The Pentair Superflo is going for $1989* installed. The Pentair Intelliflo pump which requires 220 volt, and runs several features at once, is selling for $2895* installed.

*Unless all valves need to be replaced then additional plumbing costs will apply. ALL product pricing/chemical pricing and labor costs are subject to change due to ever fluctuating market.

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