Pool and Spa Services

Free estimates for all major swimming pool & spa repairs.

Call our experienced technicians to replace, re-plumb and repair heaters, pumps, motors, filters as well as diving boards and stands, ladders, and slides. Our pool professionals can handle any pool or spa remodeling project, from big to small.

ProChem Pool Services


weekly chemical treatments for chlorine and salt-fed residential pools. $89.00 per week per visit to test and balance pool water –*PLUS THE COST OF CHEMICALS*-to be included in Prochem full pay plans OR purchased in 50 # buckets to be left on site and billed by the bucket.

ProChem Outer Limits

Oversized Pool & HOA’s

Weekly chemicals treatments for pool in outer vicinity, community pools (HOA’s) and oversized pools- bigger than 20 x 40. $95.00 per week per visit to test and balance pool water – PLUS COST OF CHEMICALS – to be included in Prochem full pay plans OR to be purchased in 50# buckets.

Pool Opening Services

Full Opening with Chems

$530.00 includes removal and cleaning of pool cover on site. Up to one hour cleaning cover. Remove debris from automatic pool cover box (if applicable). De-winterizing lines and equipment startup, initial 30 minute pool cleaning, net surface. Initial chemicals, up to 10lbs. shock 

NO COVER Opening with chem

$405.00- Includes de-winterizing lines & equipment start up, initial 30 minute pool cleaning, net surface, initial chemicals, up to 10 lbs. shock – NO cover removal or cleaning.

NO SWEEP Opening with chems

$450.00 -Includes de-winterizing lines and equipment start up, initial chemicals up to 10 lbs. of shock- remove cover and cleaning of cover and cover box if applicable. NO pool cleaning or netting

BASIC Opening with chems/NO cover-NO sweep

$325.00- Includes de-winterizing and up to 10 lbs. shock

Pool Closing Services

Full Closing with chems & antifreeze

$560.00- Includes winterizing lines and equipment, includes final shock up to 10 lbs. and antifreeze. Final vacuum of pool floor and net surface up to 30 minutes. Put on cover and tubes if applicable, no cover cleaning or cover box cleaning.

NO COVER Closing with chems & antifreeze

$435.00- Same as full but will not put on cover, cleaning cover or box.

NO SWEEP Closing with chems & antifreeze

$480.00- Same as full but does not include final vacuum of floor or netting surface. Includes putting on cover and final chemicals and antifreeze.

BASIC Closing with chems & antifreeze/ No cover-No sweep

$355.00- Includes winterizing lines and equipment. Antifreeze. Includes 10 lbs. shock. Does not include putting on cover, cleaning cover or cleaning pool. 


Additional chemicals and cleaning on opening or closing will be billed separately and itemized. Mesh cover owners will likely incur additional expense on opening unless winter chemicals were applied. Extras billed by the hour/ #

Pool Maintenance

Light Maintenance

$40.00- Includes backwashing filter weekly, cleaning pump basket, skimmer basket and cleaning out automatic pool sweep bag and filter if applicable.

Full Weekly Cleaning

$80.00- per cleaning up to one hour. Vacuum floor, net surface, scrub tile line, backwash filter, clean out pump basket, and skimmer basket. Each additional hour is $80.00. 

Service Call

$179.00 for a professional assessment of pool or spa. Includes first hour labor with initial assessment. Additional labor at $179.00 per hour. Parts/materials/equipment estimated prior to performing job. FREE estimates for all major pool/spa repairs.

Bulk Chem Pricing Available