Changes Coming Concerning Stabilizer or Conditioner

Sometime soon, cyaruric acid, also known as stabilizer or conditioner will be permanently removed from the market. It is already being “outlawed” in some coastal states and word is, it will be completely removed from production in and for the U.S. gradually over the next few years.

That said, we will need to find ways to hold chemicals in your backyard swimming pools. So, we have come up with a few solutions. One simple solution is to convert your pool water to salt water. You will still have a chlorinated pool but adding a salt generator to your system and salt to your water enables the salt to convert to chlorine through a process called electrolysis. The salt system continually makes chlorine and if you have the proper salt solution, your pool water will remain chlorinated and stable.

Another solution is to have us come twice weekly instead of once to keep on top of the pool water chemistry. We will now offer the 1 time per week visit, as well as our full pay plans with 2 weekly chemical visits to make sure your pool is holding chemical and properly balanced. If you select the one-time visit, that is fine, but realize you may need to add some chemical before our next visit, or have us add another visit after heavy rains, or big parties. We will be happy to add extra visits, and bill out accordingly. We also provide the additional chemicals at a very competitive price and deliver them for free. Just call or email me and we will send it right out.

Keep in mind, if you opt for a new salt system, you will have upfront expenses and still need to maintain it weekly.

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